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Launch Pad is committed to changing this harsh reality. They offer housing assistance and trauma-informed care to young adults aged 18-23, creating a warm and supportive environment where these young people can feel at home. With the right support and resources, they can build successful and independent lives.


The plight of homeless, neglected, and distressed animals in our area is more than just statistics; it's a call to action that we've answered by partnering with Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter (CVAS). This partnership reflects our shared values and commitment to not only provide shelter but also to heal, love, and find forever homes for these innocent creatures. CVAS's dedication mirrors our own, aiming to create a ripple of positive change throughout Newville and beyond.


Our mission to make a substantial impact led us to discover a powerful ally in Selfless Service. Deeply embedded in the fabric of South Central Pennsylvania, this exceptional organization mirrors the principles we hold dear at Shoemaker's Insurance. Their unwavering commitment to equip veterans with essential resources, support, and advocacy perfectly complements our goal to foster a community where every hero feels valued and supported.


The essence of OTR-CAC lies in its commitment to providing a safe haven for children who have faced the storms of abuse and trauma. Every child who walks through their doors is a unique shade, a blend of resilience and fragility that requires the gentle touch of healing hands. At our agency, we resonated deeply with OTR-CAC's mission — the belief that every child deserves to have their voice heard, their pain acknowledged, and their journey toward healing supported.


Led by a team of passionate individuals, the Circle of Love Community Outreach Program is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide essential resources and support to those facing economic hardships, homelessness, and food insecurity. They operate various programs such as food drives, clothing distribution, and community events, all of which are designed to uplift and empower those in need. Through their tireless efforts, this noble organization has become a beacon of hope for countless individuals, offering them material aid and a sense of belonging and love.


Each year, more than 20,000 young adults age out of the foster care system. This means that these adolescents, who were already facing numerous challenges, are abruptly placed into adulthood without the necessary support or resources to help them transition. This lack of safety nets leaves them vulnerable to homelessness, extreme poverty, and substance abuse.


The winter season is quickly approaching, and temperatures are plummeting by the second. More than ever, we must shine a light on members of our community who lack access to the resources they need to get through the upcoming cold months. Our team at Shoemaker's Insurance & Financial Services recognizes this as a grave issue and will dedicate every effort to tackle this problem head-on. Our next campaign cycle will go toward supporting Operation Warm in its mission to provide warmth, confidence, and hope to underserved children through basic needs programs that connect them to the community resources they need to thrive.


At Shoemaker's Insurance & Financial Services, we believe it is essential to take a step in changing the path for women in our community. Therefore, we decided to support The House of Grace, a non-residential house that seeks to educate, mentor, and prepare women of all backgrounds. The House of Grace is a safe, nurturing "home atmosphere" where women can learn together, grow together, and have fun. They provide an integrated learning and supportive environment where women can gain confidence, increase self-worth, and obtain the skills and knowledge needed to become a better version of themselves.

Fill the Bus in Carlisle is BACK!!

Here at Shoemaker's Insurance, we are a family-oriented organization that prioritizes families and education in all our endeavors. We're thrilled to support the United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County as they bring back Fill the Bus after a two-year hiatus. School basics such as backpacks, pencils, and paper are financially out of reach for many families living under the federal poverty line. When these supplies are not available in a child's household, homework often goes undone.

Launch Them To Success!

Launch Pad is on a mission to provide housing assistance and trauma-informed care to young adults ages 18-23 years. At our agency, we believe everyone deserves to live a happy and successful life and want to support Launch Pad on their mission!

No Family Should Go Hungry

We want to support families battling food insecurity and ensure they have access to the most basic need.

Shoemaker’s Insurance Joins the Agents Of Change Movement

Our agency is dedicated to impacting our community by doing what we can to help others live well and thrive!

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