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Did you know that women in both urban and rural populations are less likely to get an education than men? This is true, even though statistics show that educating girls and women has a direct positive impact on their children and their communities!

Simply put, giving women tools and skills to sustain and empower themselves greatly moves us toward a more fair and healthy society. For example, mothers’ education improves child nutrition. If all women had primary education, 1.7 million children would be saved from improper health and growth due to malnutrition. Educating girls can actually save millions of lives – if all women had primary education, there would be 15% fewer child deaths! Unfortunately, many women are simply not given enough opportunities to grow and learn in our community.

Our team at Shoemaker’s Insurance & Financial Services believes it’s essential to take a step in changing the path for women in our community. Therefore, we’ve decided to support The House of Grace this quarter, a non-residential house that seeks to educate, mentor, and prepare women of all backgrounds.

The House of Grace is a safe, nurturing, homey atmosphere where women can learn together, grow together, and have fun. They provide an integrated learning and supportive environment where women can gain confidence, increase self-worth, and obtain the skills and knowledge needed to become a better version of themselves.

Here’s the best part: You can help without taking a dime out of your own pocket! How? Every single time you recommend a friend to us for an insurance quotation, we’ll donate $10 to The House of Grace on your behalf! Your kind-hearted assistance will enable us to help this vital organization educate, care for, and empower the women and children of our community. So, how many people do you know who might like to save money on their insurance AND help out women in need in the process?

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