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Child abuse is a disturbing reality in every corner of the world, and our community is not immune. While we may be a close-knit community, we are not devoid of the challenges that impact larger society. Abuse leaves invisible scars, not just on the victims but also on their families, that can last a lifetime. These families require more than just emotional support; they need a helping hand that can guide them through the complexities of recovery, legal processes, and the rebuilding of their lives.

As members of this community, we can’t stand idly by. Our agency is committed to doing everything we can to shine a light on this critical issue and provide tangible support to child abuse victims and their families in Franklin County. For this reason, our agency will spend the next three months working alongside The Rainbow Children’s Advocacy Center (OTR-CAC) to ensure that every individual has the tools and resources necessary to lessen the trauma of abuse.

The essence of OTR-CAC lies in its commitment to providing a safe haven for children who have faced the storms of abuse and trauma. Every child who walks through their doors is a unique shade, a blend of resilience and fragility that requires the gentle touch of healing hands. At our agency, we resonated deeply with OTR-CAC’s mission — the belief that every child deserves to have their voice heard, their pain acknowledged, and their journey toward healing supported.

Volunteers and donations play a crucial role in helping to meet the needs of at-risk children. Recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to receive an insurance quote from us, and we’ll donate $10 for every person! All funds raised during our Community Cause campaign will support and create a positive change in our community.

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