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In the heart of Newville, PA, a story unfolds that touches the hearts of all who hear it. It’s a tale of compassion, community, and the silent pleas of animals in need. At Shoemaker’s Insurance & Financial Services, we’ve taken this story to heart, recognizing that our role in the community extends beyond services and policies to a profound commitment to those who cannot ask for help themselves.

The plight of homeless, neglected, and distressed animals in our area is more than just statistics; it’s a call to action that we’ve answered by partnering with Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter (CVAS). This partnership reflects our shared values and commitment to not only provide shelter but also to heal, love, and find forever homes for these innocent creatures. CVAS’s dedication mirrors our own, aiming to create a ripple of positive change throughout Newville and beyond.

But this mission isn’t ours alone; it belongs to the entire community. Supporting local organizations like CVAS strengthens our communal bonds and sets a powerful example of empathy and responsibility. It’s about more than just aiding animals; it’s about nurturing a compassionate community that values every life, fostering a place where kindness reigns supreme.

We invite you to join us in this heartfelt cause. Your support, whether through time, donations, or spreading awareness, can ignite significant change. By simply referring someone for a complimentary, no-obligation insurance quote, we will contribute $10 in your name to CVAS. Together, we can transform the narrative for our furry friends, offering them the hope and love they deserve. Let’s stand united for the welfare of our animal companions and the betterment of Newville!

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