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RV Insurance

Before you hit the road in your RV, you must first consider your options for recreational vehicles insurance. Your policy will be your first line of defense against many of the most common mishaps and accidents ranging from flat tires to theft. If you have recently purchased an RV or feel as if you might be paying too much for your current policy, then here is a closer look at how this insurance works and what you can do to keep your premiums at a reasonable level.

Basic Recreational Vehicles Insurance

At the very least, a basic RV policy must include collision and liability coverage. Those types of coverage will protect the RV owner or driver if an accident occurs or someone is injured. It will also provide the owner with at least some coverage if another party files a lawsuit against them. Unlike many other forms of insurance, most basic policies also include coverage for any expensive mechanical components attached to the vehicle such as a generator or solar panels. 

Additional Coverage

While most states only require RV owners to have liability coverage, many people benefit from upgrading their policies. Depending on how often you use your vehicle and what you store inside of it, you might want to extend the policy to include some of the personal possessions. Your policy can also encompass emergency expenses if your RV breaks down during a trip. Once the deductible is met, your policy will help you with expenses such as repairs, towing, and hotel rooms. 

Determining the Size of Your Policy

Every single RV is slightly different, and that is why no single policy will work for everyone. When you are deciding how large your policy should be, you will need to take many different variables into consideration. That includes the value of your RV, the value of your personal possessions inside the RV, where you store the vehicle, and how often you use the vehicle. An individual who lives full-time in a brand new RV will need different coverage than a family who only uses an older RV once a year.

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