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Commercial Auto Insurance

Companies that use many vehicles for their business are perfect candidates for commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance offers all the coverage of regular car insurance and more. 

Commercial auto insurance is typically required when companies use many vehicles as part of their business. Coverage covers cars, trucks, vans, or other motorized vehicles necessary for the business. Although similar, commercial auto policies ensure more vehicles than basic car insurance and offer more significant coverage amounts. 

Auto insurance is sufficient for everyday use but is not designed to protect against specific situations or perils that are common for business owners. When several vehicles are used for transporting products, the company needs to purchase a commercial vehicle policy regardless of the type of business. 

Here are the main reasons or situations that may require a business should have a commercial vehicle policy. 

    A higher liability amount is needed than basic car insurance. 

    The vehicles are used to carry and transport heavy equipment.

    The vehicles are needed in the day-to-day operations.

Commercial vehicle insurance pays for repairs to vehicles damaged in accidents and offers liability coverage if the employee or driver is involved in a business-based car accident. It even provides coverage in auto accidents that result in lawsuits. 

There are different types of commercial auto insurance as well as different coverage amounts. Policies are determined by the type and needs of the company. Please note basic types of coverage are usually offered. 

    Bodily injury and property damage liability – Bodily injury protects the company from litigation for bodily injury while property damage liability protects the company against litigation for damage done to the property. 

    Collision – This pays to have a vehicle repaired or replaced when damaged in a collision. 

    Comprehensive – This pays for damage to a vehicle done by other things like deer, falling trees, hail, etc. 

    Medical payments – This pays medical costs for individuals involved in an accident who need medical treatment. 

    Personal injury – This pays for medical bills and possibly lost wages. 

    Uninsured motorists. – This pays accident claims if the other driver doesn’t have insurance. 

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