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As a driver, you may be required to purchase auto insurance by your state to be legal on the roads. The requirements 

This is a common legal requirement in most states across the country, but each state has different car insurance requirements that local drivers must comply with. In addition, some drivers want to purchase more than the minimum amount of coverage required by law because of the benefits it provides. With a closer look at what car insurance is and how it benefits you, you may be able to make a better buying decision. 

When you purchase auto insurance, you will need to choose between liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Liability is the most common type of car insurance required by most states, and this coverage primarily protects other motorists. As a driver, you are financially liable for any damage you cause to others in your car, and this includes property damage, vehicle damage, and personal injury. Liability coverage pays others for the damage you cause, but you may still be personally liable for any expenses that exceed your coverage limits. With this in mind, some drivers will increase the amount of liability coverage they purchase. 


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