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Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you own a custom bike, sports bike, or cruiser, motorcycle insurance is suitable for protecting the safety of your rides. The motorbike insurance coverage will protect you from unexpected eventualities like crashing or theft of the motorcycle. A simple insurance plan will go a long way in offering you the following covers:

  • Bodily injury liability – In case you cause bodily injury to another road user while riding your bike the insurance policy will provide you with a legal defense. There are quite a number of multiple limits within which you can be protected when another party in the accident files a lawsuit. Your insurance agent will guide you in choosing the most suitable plan for your bike operations.
  • Accessories coverage – This coverage protects all your motorcycle’s accessories such as backrests, seats, CB radios, and saddlebags. You may be required to get additional coverage like collision coverage to protect your helmet as well. Since the rates vary in various states, you ought to consult with the insurance agent about comprehensive coverage.

  • Collision coverage – This coverage is specifically designed to protect your motorcycle whenever it gets hit by another cyclist or vehicle on the road.

  • Comprehensive physical damage – Losses caused by incidents such as fire, theft, and vandalism can be comprehensively covered under this policy.

  • Property damage liability coverage – You can get full protection against a lawsuit filed by another person in case of an accident where you were at fault. The policy covers any damages caused on another person’s property while operating your motorcycle.

  • Uninsured motorist coverage – It covers the medical bills or other costs that result from a crash that was caused by an uninsured/underinsured driver who was at fault at the time of the accident.

Besides the policy, a credible insurance company will offer you great discounts when creating a quote. You can also ask questions about the claims processes and what your coverage policy will protect you from. Ensure that you customize your motorcycle’s insurance policy to meet your personal needs. Regardless of whether you’re a frequent motorcyclist or weekend rider, you can talk to your agent to modify a package that suits your cycle usage.

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