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Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) covers a broad range of costs associated with managing chronic conditions, particularly for individuals who can no longer take care of themselves due to disability or age. In general, a person is considered to be qualified for long-term care if they are unable to perform at least two basic daily living functions on their own, like preparing meals or bathing. 

Who Needs Care Insurance?

While people of any age can qualify as long-term care patients, this type of policy is primarily used by older individuals who are past retirement age. Obtaining this policy through the workplace can help employees prepare for the costs of retirement and protect their finances should they need care for an extended period. Depending on the contract, an LTC policy can pay for many types of expenses that are not covered by other insurances.

Why Long Term Insurance is Important

Relying on family and friends to provide personal care can put a heavy burden on relationships and may not be adequate. Those who don’t have a social network to rely on must depend on government assistance if they can’t afford the cost of care. Long-term insurance helps prevent both of these situations by giving the holder options when it comes to their care.

Many people don’t realize just how expensive, and prolonged hands-on care can be. Living in a nursing home can cost upwards of $100,000 each year. Hiring a visiting aide to provide care at home can save a little money, but still costs tens of thousands of dollars annually. These costs can quickly eat into retirement savings, which means a lower quality of life during old age and less money to pass on to friends, families, and charities.

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